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Recent Repertoire, 2006 - July 2015


One cannot have authentic Western Rite Liturgy without its accompanying music. To this end, a fine choir of mixed voices, the Ambrosian Choristers is maintained for the artistic cultivation and rendition of the music so integral to the Liturgy. The organist-choirmaster, Francis Slechta, is always on the lookout for talented singers who want to hone their craft and have the opportunity to perform the great works of the liturgical literature in the context for which they were composed.  He may be contacted for an audition by interested singers.

Music from Gregorian Chant, through the great sixteenth century polyphony and the classical Viennese masters down to our own age are regularly performed as part of the Liturgy.

We are also in the process of forming a schola cantorum. This is a group of men who will study and perform the Gregorian Chants required at Mass and Offices throughout the year. No Western Church can be complete without a group of chanters to learn and perfect the art of the Church’s own music—Gregorian plainsong.

While the organ is the primary musical instrument of the Western Church, orchestral accompaniments are often times used to support the voices at the Mass.






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